Our Story

About Sannam Warrender

Sannam grew up in Brooklyn, NY after she moved with her family to the US as a young child. Throughout her childhood Sannam's parents gifted her a piece of jewelry on every birthday, both as an item of beauty and of lasting value. From this family tradition, Sannam's love for jewelry and its ability to transport the memory of special and momentous occasions across time was ingrained.

Sannam began her career as an attorney, and before moving to Texas she served as a prosecutor in New York City specializing in domestic violence and child abuse. While she found the work very satisfying, it lacked the "left brain" creativity that she ultimately craved. That spark began to take more concrete shape when she found herself with significant downtime following a back injury a few years ago (and after she grew tired of binge watching bad television...) With the resolution to utilize her immobility in productive ways, Sannam started making bracelets adorned with people's names. Friends quickly began to scoop up the results of her hobby as gifts for loved ones, and to place custom orders - and with that, her “name game” bracelets marked the beginning of a jewelry business.

The next big step in Sannam Warrender jewelry came almost by chance. After spending time researching the jewelry industry, Sannam designed a pair of earrings for herself in ruby and diamonds in the shape of a wing, much like one she had seen in graffiti on a trip to NYC. As she started to wear the earrings regularly, she encountered many friends and acquaintances who expressed interest in her design. She decided to take the risk of expanding the business and building an inventory in a variety of styles, including sapphires, emeralds and diamonds - and with that, her "wings" carried her to the start of a new dream. Through it all, Sannam adores the full circle that has come from the love of her parents and a childhood tradition becoming a means through which to add happiness to both the recipients and givers of her creations.